Rose Tattoo
Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo

Bribie Island Hotel (Bellara, QLD)
Friday, 9 February 2024 8:30 pm
69 days away
18 Plus
Australian Artists
Tatts are back!

Hot off the back of destroying Monsters Of Rock Cruise USA, Rose Tattoo announce the Southern Stars Tour!

Hitting Bribie Island on Friday 9th February 2024

"Brothers and Sisters, the next adventure, on the Rose tattoo journey will be under the banner of the Southern Stars, that is to say, the stellar constellation that has come to represent our great Southern Land and that which is represented on the flag that flew over the Eureka Stockade. The stars are, of course, representing Australia on our national flag.

Those of you of the truly faithful will already know that I have long held this particular flag in the highest esteem; I have, on many occasions, over the years invoked the spirit of Eureka by referring to that ‘sacred Hillock’ just outside the town of Ballarat in our state of Victoria and of the those that died there in defence of “our rights and liberties”.

I have written lyrics, for Rose Tattoo songs, that speak of the historical value and significance of that momentous occasion in our history, speaking historically there was great brightness in that glorious moment and also a sad darkness in the days that followed but I have chosen to only highlight the glory. Our next tour will be under the banner of our Southern Stars, a flag, an idea and a legacy that is dear to my heart. So, Brothers and Sisters, “let freedom’s flame burn so bright that all the world will see
”. - Angry

Book now to witness a prime part of Australian Rock N’ Roll History live!